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Working for Women is the inspiration of Lynne Kerry. It has come about as a direct result of the people and situations she has encountered during a long and varied career and her passion for enabling people (especially women) to achieve their potential and live an interesting and fulfilling life.

Her work is supported by a network of very special, highly talented people. Between them they have encountered most of the ‘challenges’ that life can present, and are in a unique position to guide others in developing the insights and skills they need to achieve their goals.

Lynne Kerry

Lynne Kerry womens confidence coachLynne is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and executive coach. She has worked internationally in this field since 1986 and during that time has designed, developed and led hundreds of courses, for all types of delegates in more than a dozen countries worldwide.

Lynne is highly regarded for her expertise in running workshops in areas like Personal Development, Communication and Influencing Skills. As a qualified personal and business coach she is able to build strong, trusting relationships which enable people to achieve breakthrough results in situations which may previously have been ‘stuck’ and/or causing high levels of stress.

Lynne’s goal is to stimulate environments which enable people to realise and develop their full potential, and her work reflects this in the high levels of rapport, support and encouragement she creates. This makes it easier for her clients to achieve the results they require – and enjoy the process!

NLP Practicioner Ian Ross

Ian Ross

Ian is a highly respected business consultant based in the UK with over 25 years’ experience of working internationally as a facilitator, negotiator, and executive coach. He has delivered highly successful projects throughout Europe, as well as the Middle East, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Malawi, and Tanzania.

He offers a rare combination of the highest accreditations possible in NLP (INLPTA Master Trainer), together with negotiation and conflict resolution studies at Harvard.

With 25 years’ experience of applying NLP in business and personal contexts he provides access to learning from the absolute cutting edge of human leadership and personal development together with negotiation and conflict resolution models and strategies available from the Harvard Law School.

Exectutive Coach

Jayne Rimmer

Jayne is a highly accredited Coach and NLP Practitioner with 20 years’ experience working with large corporates and individuals internationally. She is truly passionate about helping emerging women leaders develop their leadership skills, confidence and presence.

Jayne has coached many aspiring and successful women in a number of crucial areas, including:

Personal style and impact – whether it be developing confidence and poise, expanding influence and impact, or understanding their own authentic leadership style.

Managing their career – gaining insight and understanding into what is achievable, balancing work and personal commitments, learning from setbacks and building resilience and determination.

Womens Coach karen Cairns

Karen Cairns

Karen is a coach and trainer who brings a friendly and warm approach to facilitating workshops.

Building on 30 years’ experience in the NHS, Karen’s many skills in facilitating change and her passion for helping people to help themselves have been further developed by studying Personal and Business Coaching and NLP.

She believes that by providing a supportive thinking space people can understand themselves and their situation better, can see more clearly what they wish to change and how previously held beliefs may be holding them back. Having greater confidence and belief in their abilities people can then see the way forward more clearly. Karen believes that confidence is the cornerstone and the foundation for personal growth and is the critical ingredient to all successful change.

Executive Coach and Trainer Sarah Craggs

Sarah Craggs

Sarah is a highly effective Executive Coach and Trainer. She brings a passion for learning and how it can transform an individual’s life and has a proven ability to empower others and inspire them to be the best they can be.

As a trainer she is seen as inspirational, enthusiastic and high energy. She believes that any learning needs to be engaging, interesting, real and interactive and is able to adapt her style and approach to meet the needs of groups and individuals. She has a reputation for being genuinely open, honest and a credible source of detailed, supportive and challenging developmental feedback.

As an executive coach, she works with a wide range of clients at all levels on an extensive range of issues including transitioning senior executives as they ‘step up’ the career ladder, improving presence, impact, confidence and flexibility.

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