One to One Coaching

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Sometimes our clients prefer an individual session…

  • to explore a goal in more depth,
  • to deal with a particularly sensitive issue in confidence,
  • or to provide a safe, impartial sounding board for those in senior roles, who may otherwise feel somewhat isolated.

In our experience this can often provide the insights needed to put the final pieces in place – so you can achieve the outcomes you really want.

Recent client coaching topics include…
  • Defining and achieving personal goals and aspirations
  • Dealing with difficult relations in business or personal life
  • Managing decision dilemmas
  • Overcoming phobias and panic attacks
  • Building personal confidence and self-esteem

In order to decide the approach that will be right for you, we recommend an initial meeting/phone call to talk through the areas you would like to explore. We will then work with you to agree the most effective way to proceed.

Stage 1

We have a team of highly qualified personal and business coaches, whose aim is to help you identify the goals you want to achieve and the steps required to get there.

Stage 2

We will provide a supportive and safe (yet challenging) environment, where you are free to talk with us in complete confidence.

Stage 3

After an initial meeting to talk through the areas you would like to explore, we will agree the most effective way for you to proceed.

Stage 4

Depending on the issues you wish to address, we generally suggest 1-3 sessions – of up to 2 hours in duration.

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