Women In Business

‘Women in Business’ – 2-day workshop

If you are…

  • Seeking new strategies for dealing with challenging day to day issues
  • Considering a new direction and or the next step in your career
  • Returning to work after a significant gap

This workshop will give you the skills and confidence to decide what you want and how to.

It will enable you to…

  • Increase your impact and influence in any situation
  • Understand natural differences in male and female communication styles and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Feel confident in your abilities and know how to demonstrate them effectively
  • Define and achieve your goals – without compromising who you are
  • Reduce your stress levels and increase your effectiveness
  • Achieve a work/life balance that is right for you, your well-being and that of others

Why should you attend?

Today’s business world is often fast-paced, highly competitive and results-driven. Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with this environment, it’s important to have the most up-to-date tools and resources to ensure that you make the most of every opportunity you pursue and that you can present yourself in the best possible light.

It’s also true to say that as a woman, your natural style and approach can sometimes seem to be at odds with what the business culture requires – particularly in a male-dominated environment.

The key to success lies in your ability to build high quality relationships, to develop the skills you require to succeed and the confidence to demonstrate them in your day to day working life.
At a deeper level, this requires you to achieve a balance in your life which allows you to minimise stress and feel congruent with who you are and what you do.

Course Objectives

On this workshop you will learn how to…

  • Enhance your influence and impact through your voice, words and behaviour
  • Set compelling goals for yourself and others
  • Present yourself with confidence and congruence
  • Build empowering beliefs that will increase your overall effectiveness
  • Understand the way in which individual values drive behaviour – and using this information to create more choice of action
  • Deal with so-called ‘difficult’ people and situations

Our Approach

We know that one of the most important things you want from any workshop are relevant and practical tools that you can start using straight away. We also know that it can feel challenging (and even a little intimidating) to talk about situations which may be quite personal in nature.

Therefore, our aim is to create an environment where you feel both supported and encouraged to address the issues that are important for you. Rather than artificial ‘role play’ exercises, we will encourage you to work with your own, ‘real life’ situations, in order that you leave the workshop with new insights and strategies that are immediately transferable to your day to day life.

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What to do next

‘Women in Business’ is available as an in-company workshop – tailored to your organisation’s particular needs and requirements

Call us on 0845 8385 106 or email us to find out how we can help you.

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